Door Latch Stuck In Closed Position

Many door knobs that you use on a regular basis have a locking mechanism, and most door locks feature a latch system. When the lock is engaged, the latch holds firm to the strike plate to prevent access into or out of the door. The lock is disengaged by simply unlocking the door with the key or using the lock on the handle. However, a lock is a mechanical device that is comprised of several different components. As is the case with all mechanical devices, these components can break, malfunction, become dirty and more. When this happens, the lock may not function as intended. You may have noticed that your door latch is stuck in the closed position today, and you may not be able to use your door or lock as intended. This issue may prevent you from opening the door if the latch is engaged. If the door is open and the latch is stuck in the locked position, you may not be able to close the door. Either way, you could be inconvenienced by this issue. How can you open a latch that is stuck in a closed position?

Jiggle the Door Knob

A door latch can get stuck for a number of reasons. If the latch is stuck inside the strike hole, the door may be slightly unhinged, and the latch may be stuck inside the strike plate. Jiggling the door while trying to unlock it or while trying to pull the door open may resolve the issue. Another option is to either pull up on the door knob or press downward on the door knob while attempting to unlock or open the door. This pressure may help to free the latch from its position in the strike plate.

Lubricate the Components

A door latch may also stick due to atmospheric changes. A sudden change in temperature or humidity level can cause the door frame or the door itself to expand or shrink, and it can also create the same result in the metal door knob. These factors can result in a door latch becoming stuck. Lubricating the door knob components with a spray lubricant may help the components to function more easily. If necessary, you may need to remove the door knob and latching mechanism to fully lubricate the components.

Replace the Door Knob

Door knobs were not designed to last forever, and your issue with the door latch may be an indication that your door knob has become outdated and requires replacement. If the steps mentioned here do not resolve your issue, it may be time to replace the door knob. You can purchase a replacement at local home improvement or general merchandise stores, and you may be able to easily install the new door knob on your own with a screw driver.

While these efforts may help you to unlatch your door that has become stuck, there may be times when these steps are not suitable at all. For example, if your door is stuck in the locked position and you cannot get into or out of a room in your home, your front door or another door, you may need professional assistance from a . A locksmith in Mesa may provide you with on-site service, and some will provide you with emergency service on nights, weekends and holidays. At the same time, carbon dioxide diffuses out into the water

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